Program Overview

Vex Competitions are the largest and fastest growing Robotics competitions in elementary, middle and high schools globally. Each year, an exciting Engineering challenge is introduced in the form of a game in which over 20,000 teams from over 50 countries participate.Winners have a chance to move up to provincial or national levels, even competing internationally. It takes about one year to prepare and compete in tournaments and during this time

Technical Skills Developed in the Program

Technical Design


Mechanics and Building


What are Vex VRC Competitions?

Vex VRC Competitions are the largest and fastest growing robotics competitions in middle and high schools, ideal for students ages 12-17

These competitions challenge kids to design, build, and program robots to compete in various challenges and games. Participating in Vex VRC competitions can be a great way for kids to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts in a fun and hands-on way. It can also help them develop skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. Overall, Vex VRC competitions can be a great way for kids to learn, have fun, and even potentially pursue careers in STEM fields

Our students will find the level of programming to be simpler than our Robotics courses however these competitions will provide students the opportunity to design and build their own robot to solve an engineering problem. Not to mention the experience of participating in a robotics competition

What is Exceed's Role?

The role of Exceed Robotics is that of a coach and mentor to prepare and guide students throughout their competition's journey

1. Coaching and Mentorship
Coaching by our best instructors, some of whom have advanced to the World VRC in the US. Note that coaches will provide guidance to our teams but cannot assist in robot design, build, code, etc.

2. Preparatory Courses
Preparation is one of the most important factors to winning robotics competitions. Courses in robot building, robot mechanism, programming in VexCode and mock competitions are scheduled for the first half of the year.

3. Competition Workspace
All Exceed Robotics campuses are equipped with competition fields, game accessories and computer stations.

4. Administration
We will help students/parents with forming teams, team registration and competition registration

Recreational vs Professional Teams

Recreational (REC) Teams are ideal for students who would like to experience robotics competitions but want to still have time to attend other classes and have their free time. This category of competition team requires 2 hours of in-centre time per week and recommended 2-4 hours per week at home. REC teams need to purchase one robot per team and competition field/accessories are optional.

Professional (PRO) Teams are ideal for students willing to contribute more time and effort towards winning competitions. PRO teams require a higher degree of commitment by both students and parents, requiring four hours per week at an Exceed campus and four-plus hours of work at home. Each PRO team member must purchase their own robot, competition field and accessories to keep working from home. Professional teams will represent Exceed Robotics at qualifying and provincial tournaments.

Weekly Schedules

Specific days at each campus are reserved for competition team meets per schedule below. Limited time slots will be posted and removed when full.

NOTE: students could join a competition team out of ANY one of our campuses

Equipment & Vex Registration Costs

In addition to tuition fee at Exceed on page 3, Vex competitions require teams to purchase their own robots and complete team and competition registration from the Vex Robotics website. For recreational teams, the total estimated cost is $1150-$1400+HST in equipment and registration costs for the year.

Professional teams will also need to purchase the competition field and accessories for at-home work. The total estimated cost for professional teams is $1800-$2000+HST in equipment and registration costs for the year.

Teams will need to purchase their Vex IQ Robot(s) for February 2023 which will be used during preparatory courses. All other purchases could be completed later per the table below.

Apply to Join a Competition Team:

Please fill out the form below to join our competition mailing list and click the links above to view the information packages. Parents will receive a link to join an orientation session in January for more information and to ask questions. If a student has never attended a robotics competition, it is best to join a Recreational team in the first year. We will review applications and select a limited number of students for Professional and VRC teams.

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