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In SmartCentres on Winston Churchill and Hwy 401

Ages 7&8, 9-11, 12-15, 16-20


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Robotics for 7 & 8 Year Old Students with Simple and Fun Projects!


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Exceed Robotics Club was founded by a team of mechanical, computer and software engineers who share the passion to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to our younger generations through our robotics program. We work to inspire children to explore the exciting world of engineering and technology and do our part in shaping a data-driven, innovative culture essential for our future economy.

Building prototype and commercial robots for various industries during the day, the Exceed Robotics team shares the same passion towards robots as our students. At their age, we were curious about technology and fascinated with robots. By connecting with our students’ interests, Exceed Robotics has been successful in motivating hundreds of students to pursue studies in engineering and technology.

Prior to founding the Exceed Robotics club, our team had extensive experience tutoring students in math, physics, science, electronics and programming. We thought children would be better engaged in science activities when combining the academic component with real-world application and hands-on experience, all in a fun classroom environment. This gave rise to our comprehensive robotics curriculum which many of our parents testify as the only extra-curricular activity their children wake up talking about.

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