Teaching kids Coding & Design
in a FUN Robotics Curriculum

Through Robotics Program, Your Child will:

Enjoy exciting projects that teach coding in C language (From VEX to Arduino)
Students enjoy learning to code since they see the result by watching the robot execute the code and the commands they created. Robots are equipped with Motors and Sensors making it really fun to create autonomous programs such as Maze Solvers.

Develop the capability to learn from instructor and learn from research
During each class, instructors deliver the lesson at the beginning of each session. Students are then given ample time to work on the class or term project. During this time, instructors will work with individual kids guiding them to find solutions to problems.

Develop confidence when facing problems
Instructors are trained to answer questions with questions. With low student to teacher ratio, students are challenged to think for the answers

Utilize Your Kid’s Curiosity for Learning

Kids have genuine interest in how things work. This curiosity acts as fuel for learning. A reason why kids play games is the fact that games provide a challenge which triggers curiosity. By solving the challenge kids get a “feel good” response. This notion of feel good re-fuels them for the next challenge.

At Exceed, we cherish kid’s curiosity and have designed courses that are similar to games. They provide a challenge that kids enjoy solving. For example, programming a forklift Robot to pick up a skid from the floor and place it onto a shelf. To solve the challenger, they would be anxiously listening to the instructor teaching them how to Code it. This recipe is what keeps students WANTING TO LEARN.

Each course is designed to have multiple levels of problems starting from simple and low-complex problems and moving to more complex and longer ones. Students will practice the Design, Code/Build, Test cycle at each step of the way

Unleash the Hidden talent and Get Benefits for your Kid

Problem Solving Skills
Confidence when facing challenges
Learning C Language
Learning Electronic Circuits
Learning CAD and Mechanics
Engineering Presentation Skills
Competing against other teams for a reward
Learning without noticing
Meet Our Future Robotic Engineers

Engineering For Kids Complements Conventional Classroom Learning