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Your Kids will Learn ?

Python Coding

Python has the highest ranking among programming languages, why not having kids start learning such rewarding language early

Game Programming

Most kids enjoy games, so we have designed our curriculum to teach them Python language by creating simple to complex games.

Creativity and Innovation

Programming gives the kids tools to think out of the box. There are multiple ways of solving a programming challenge, giving kids time to think of new ideas and test try them.

Artificial Intelligence

Our advanced Python courses teach kid AI using FUN applications such as Face Detection. Students will use tools such as Raspberry Pi to utilize Camera and Microphone.

Your Kids will Learn ?

Why Exceed ?

classes are offered for 1 hour per week during evenings or weekends

No prior experience necessary

6 students max per class

STEM Fun & Hands-on projects

Certificate at the end of the curriculum

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Why Exceed ?

Trained Instructors

Our instructor undergo a thoroug training to ensure children receive an exceptional learning experience

Hands-on STEM Projects

At Exceed, we believe that fun is an integral part of the learning journey. Our students have access to a range of hands-on learning opportunities

Small Student Ratio

To ensure exceptional student experience, we maintain 6:1 student to instructor ratio

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Offered every week at all location in GTA. This 1 hour hands-on class give your child glipmse of Robot Programing

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We offer classes on various days and times to help you choose the schedule that works best for you.This is often most challenging step! juggling all kids activites.

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