Arduino Classes for Kids

Arduino is widely used in education and industry. It essentially serves as the brain of modern robots. Arduino classes teach kids C coding in a fun way by involving design, 3D printing, and robot coding.

What Your Child will Learn ?


students can learn the C Language in an engaging and interactive manner by using it to the control robot through various sensors.

Electrical Design

To make robots, students must learn electronics, mainly Circuits. They learn how to use batteries, resistors, switches... to create working circuits.

Problem-Solving Skills

At the start of each class instructor provide a lesson, after which students work on their project independently. To complete the task, student must think, code and test their robots.

Preparing for the future

Arduino classes help children learn about real-world and career based skills such as programming, engineering and design which prepare them for careers in STEM fields.

Your Kids will Learn ?

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Why Exceed ?

Trained Instructors

Our instructor undergo a thoroug training to ensure children receive an exceptional learning experience

Hands-on STEM Projects

At Exceed, we believe that fun is an integral part of the learning journey. Our students have access to a range of hands-on learning opportunities

Small Student Ratio

To ensure exceptional student experience, we maintain 6:1 student to instructor ratio

Here’s how it works

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Offered every week at all location in GTA. This 1 hour hands-on class give your child glipmse of Robot Programing

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We offer classes on various days and times to help you choose the schedule that works best for you.This is often most challenging step! juggling all kids activites.

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