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Your Kids will Learn?


Students learn Python languages,one of the most versatile language in a fun way: Creating Games Python uses English phrase which makes it easier for kids to learn.

Artificial intelligence

Another application which teaches students in Artificial Intelligence using Python Language. Students is using face recognition and voice commands in advanced coding course

Math Skills

Learning math can be really fun when creating games. Topic such as cordinate system, mathematical operations and matrices are examples of what kids can learn when coding games.

Preparing for the future

Computer Science is one of the most in demands program offered in most universities. Student who show interest in coding are very likely to pursue further education in related field.

Your Kids will Learn?

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Why Exceed ?

Trained Instructors

Our instructor undergo a thorough training to ensure children receive an exceptional learning experience

Hands-on STEM Projects

At Exceed, we believe that fun is an integral part of the learning journey. Our students have access to a range of hands-on learning opportunities

Small Student Ratio

To ensure exceptional student experience, we maintain 6:1 student to instructor ratio

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Offered every week at all location in GTA. This 1 hour hands-on class give your child glipmse of Robot Programing

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We offer classes on various days and times to help you choose the schedule that works best for you.This is often most challenging step! juggling all kids activites.

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