Why Robotics

Why Robotics

It is becoming more and more evident that robots will play a big role in our future. Whether applied in medicine, transportation, manufacturing, space and ocean exploration, robots will shape our future by increasing efficiency and improving our overall quality of life. This all might sound scary, especially if you have watched movies such as The Terminator. However, we share a more positive view on how robots will be used and regard robotics as a valuable learning tool.

The Exceed Robotics program uses a robotics platform to teach ALL FOUR STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects. Students learn to apply math and science to real-life problems rather than not knowing why they are taught in school. Learning to apply math or science theories has shown to spark student interest to pursue higher education or even careers in the related technical fields.

In addition to the application of math and science through our hands-on approach, robotics is at the forefront of the rapidly growing world of technology. The Exceed Robotics curriculum empowers students with valuable knowledge and skills in areas such as computer design, 3D printing and programming. The benefit of learning programming, particularly to control robots, will develop the logic mindset in children, transferable to their everyday life.

The Exceed Robotics program also integrates the engineering process into its projects. The engineering process is highly regarded for providing a systematic method for creating, innovating and solving problems. Did you know that a third of the world’s largest companies have CEOs with an undergraduate degrees in engineering? The reason is that engineers develop valuable analytical skills and a systematic method for solving problems and developing solutions. For this same reason they are sought not only by engineering companies but also by large financial institutions, consulting firms, government institutions, etc.

Engineering For Kids Complements Conventional Classroom Learning