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15 Feb, 2020
Best Coding Language for Kids?

We get asked this question a lot from parents. Is it Python, Java, C, C#, JavaScript, R, HTML…?

In our opinion, it is more important for kids to learn a language than which one. Every language has applications in the real-world. As an example, people who work in the Electrical Engineering fields and need to constantly work with Microcontrollers tend to use more Low-Level languages such as C. Java has many common applications, same as Python.

What is important to know is that languages are generally made of Syntax and Logic. Let’s compare this to a spoken language. Syntax can be compared to vocabulary and Logic can be compared to the Grammar. We prefer to focus more on the logic of the programming language than the syntax for the beginners. The reason is many components of the Grammar (Logic) are very similar among languages. Students can always look at a dictionary to find equivalent syntax (vocabulary) for a given language, but the grammar is what needs to be learned and practiced to become a good programmer.

That being said, we prefer to start students with a more fundamental language such as C. The reason is that C languages requires students to learn and follow a set of given conventions that are used by most programmers throughout the world. When we program, we should always remember that the program should not only be understandable by us, it should also be clear for others who look at our program to use it for their application, or perhaps to continue where we left off. Once students become proficient in C, they find it easy to learn other languages such as Java or Python.

Another reason we prefer to start with C, compared to a language like Python, is the fact that Python language uses objects and classes which we find useful after students are more familiar with fundamental way of creating software. This is not a must but we have gotten better results for students who learn C and move on to Python vs the other way around. When we complete the C programming language using Robotics Applications, we teach students Python language to be able to perform more sophisticated tasks such as Artificial Intelligence applications using Camera, Voice and Speech. It gives them a new dimension of fun and engagement to learn the new language.

At the end, it is best to find what kids are more interested in by letting them try different clubs and different strategies. Most clubs offer Free Trial Classes where students and parents get a chance to learn what language is being taught and what tools are used to teach kids the language. Student motivation is the highest factor when it comes to selecting the right institute. Whether it is Web Development, Robotics, Game Programming or Artificial Intelligence, they all give students the tools to learn a new language.

Before you sign up, ask the right questions which will be provided in a different blog.

Happy learning your first programming language

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