Web Development preclass - Exceed Robotics

Web Development HTM100 Pre-Class Setup Information

Before your first class you will be expected to have the following:

1- A Mac / Windows / Linux PC / Chromebook to work on.
2- Google Chrome Installed – https://rebrand.ly/install-chrome
3- An Active internet connection.
4- A Registered Repl.it Account.

Steps to create a Repl.it account:
1. Click https://rebrand.ly/htm100-repl-it

2. Click Signup and enter your details

3. Remember your credentials

4. Open your email client and verify registration

5. Done!


5- An email account for bi-directional communication.
6- Register your free mics.tech subdomain

Steps to create a Repl.it account:

Steps to register your free mics.tech subdomain
One of the key focuses of this program is to create a multitude of portfolio projects that students can present. To directly fulfill this mission we are giving each registrant a mics.tech subdomain (semantically like http://your-choice.mics.tech ) so that the student can conveniently and memorably share their work whenever they desire to.

Step 1: Click http://mics.tech/utility/subdomain-signup/index.html

Step 2: Follow The instruction on the form

Step 3: You will get a confirmation email within 1 week upon all subdomains being consolidated and approved.


We also recommend you have your child create a linked-in account as this link will be used to publish their portfolio to the outside world from early on