Virtual Web Development

Virtual Web Development

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Learn Web Development


Master the complete web development lifecycle
Through our rich curriculum and road map, start with learning how to build simple websites up to real-world ideas.

Give your child the power of creation
Upon completing the curriculum, your child will be able to think like a leader and converge her/his thought process into a high quality product.

Learn to Learn:
Our core principles revolve around being able to self-learn and explore the realm of product development without spoon feeding. This way the growth of your child is boundless.

Learn various soft skills for career success.
We at Exceed realize that it is not enough to know how to code to thrive. We empower student with soft-skills through our labs wherein core skills such as teamwork, presentation and specification interpretation are integrated.

Build Portfolio Projects
As the courses unfolds, students build multiple guided portfolio projects focusing on real-world applications and are taught to exhibit their work. This involves hosting their projects on a sub-domain provided to them as well as networking through linkedin for early professional outreach.

Personalized Attention
At Exceed, We believe that personalized attention is crucial to ensure student success. Therefore, our classes have a low student to teacher ratio (maximum 10 students per instructor).

Teach your Kid Web Development

One of the most important elements of engineering is problem solving. It is a systemic technique which can be learnt from childhood.
During classes, students are taught how to break a big problem into smaller pieces and create simple diagnostic tests to find the root. Instructors patiently watch students step out of their comfort zones and help them recover after failures. This is what we call “LEARNING”.

Each course is designed to have multiple levels of problems starting from simple and low-complex problems and moving to more complex and longer ones. Students will practice the Design, Code/Build, Test cycle at each step of the way

Unleash the Hidden talent and Get Benefits for your Kid

Problem Solving Skills
Confidence when facing challenges
Learning HTML
Learning CSS
Learning SQL
Learning Angular
Learning AI
Learning without noticing