Innovator’s Workshop

Innovator’s Workshop

Build Coding Skills of your
Children with more fun

Develop Project Management Skills
Students learn researching a project, creating BOM (Bill Of Material), Project management and Milestones

Learn to Innovate
Create projects the way you think it will work. No need to use traditional methods

Compete and Win
Workshop projects are challenging and can be used towards outside competitions such as schools, community centres and 3rd party competitions

Why Innovator’s Workshop?

Workshop stimulates creativity
So your child has completed one of the curricula. During the curriculum, students are guided at each step of the way to learn the fundamentals. Workshop is the fruit of the curriculum

Children take recognition
Students who attend the workshop accomplish more sophisticated projects and thrive recognition for the accomplishments. It is a comfortable area where they challenge themselves to create cool and exciting projects and we give them a lot of credit for that.

What kids will Learn During Workshop

Research and Development
Technical Development in Coding, Design…etc
Budget Management
Time Management
Teaching themselves from internet
Technical Problem Solving
Project management and milestones
Meet Our Future Innovators

Engineering For Kids Complements Conventional Classroom Learning