Neo Pixel Watch Camp

Camp Overview

Learn Coding, 3D Printing, Electronics and create your own robots

  • A term-by-term curriculum with specific age ranges of 7, 8, 9-11 and 12-15 from no experience to advanced level where they create their own smart robots .
  • Over 7 Robot platforms including VEX, LEGO, Arduino to ensue kids stay motivated by using a different robot every term
  • The end goal of the program is to have kids experience STEAM subjects such as coding, mechanics and electronics to find their passion

Program Details

  • Camps run from 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Camp tuition includes take-home project
  • Maximum 8 students per camp
  • Each student given a dedicated computer station and equipment

About Neo Pixel Watch Camp

1. A Neo Pixel Watch camp is a type of camp that focuses on teaching kids about the science and technology behind building and programming watches using Neo Pixel technology. Neo Pixels are small, individually addressable LED lights that can be used to create colorful and dynamic displays.

2.In a Neo Pixel Watch camp, kids can learn about the electronics and programming required to build a watch using Neo Pixel technology, as well as the design and aesthetics of watch-making. They may also have the opportunity to build and program their own Neo Pixel watches, using various components and materials.