Vex Robotics Competitions

Vex Competitions are the largest and fastest growing Robotics competitions in elementary, middle and high schools globally. Each year, an exciting Engineering challenge is introduced in the form of a game in which over 20,000 teams from over 50 countries participate.

Winners have a chance to move up to provincial or national levels, even competing internationally. It takes about one year to prepare and compete in tournaments and during this time, students learn technical skills in the following areas:

  • Technical Design
  • Programming
  • Mechanics and Building
  • Mechatronics

In addition, students learn life-long skills such as Teamwork, Perseverance, Communication, Project Management, Costing and Budgeting, Problem solving and Conflict Management. Over 95% of participants report an increased interest in STEM-related careers which will create future innovators.

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During the seminar you will learn about:

  • VEX Robotics Global Competition and the benefits
  • Competition levels and ages
  • Timeline and milestones
  • Commitments and required working time per week
  • Costs
  • Whether it is suitable for you
  • Exceed competition coaches, mentoring techniques, facilities and accommodations
  • Q/A

This is an excellent opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the competition in 90 minutes and

get answers to your questions. It is generally difficult for parents to gain reliable information.

It is generally difficult to tell whether a child should or should not attend a competition since

there are many factors to consider, but after this seminar you will have a very good idea if you

should consider this for your child or not.

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