Coding and Artificial Intelligence

Coding and Artificial Intelligence

Build Coding Skills of your
Children with more Fun

Learn Python Language with applications in Artificial Intelligence
Python curriculum takes students through a journey starting with game programming and ending in AI

Develop problem-solving skills through think-solve cycles
With fun challenges, children genuinely think hard to get through the learning curves to solve the challenges

Generate interest which helps them select a future career
From the early ages, we encourage children to try different things to be able to decide

Python and AI Program

Coding stimulates cognitive skills
Coding is a logical set of statements used in various areas. Since coding is an indirect way of accomplishing what we desire, it is a big stimulator of cognitive skills. Children learn how to use

Coding will be essential in almost all careers
Coding will be just like computers during the past 2 decades. Even an Excel spreadsheet can be coded using Visual Basic language. For the future jobs, coding will be an essential skill no matter if they go to Psychology or Technology.

What kids will Learn During Python and AI Program

Artificial Intelligence
Python Language
Raspberry Pi and technology edge tools
Game Programming
Presentation Skills
Learning without noticing
Confidence when facing challenges
Problem-Solving Skills
Different Programs for Different Ages
Meet Our Future Pythoneers

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