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Discoveries through Coding
Exploring & Learning

Our Curriculum, Programs, Camps & Activities are Education & Fun!

Robotics is a STEM application that gives students a challenge they look forward to solve. The challenges are the gates of learning due to the interest they generate. Students are rewarded by seeing the direct result of their programs and codes in action. This experience is priceless

At Exceed Robotics Kids do Incredible things
in a fun Environment under Trained Instructors

STEM Education For Inquisitive Minds

Teaching Kids Essential Skills In Stem That Aims To Shape A Data-driven, Innovative culture Critical To Our Future Economy


The fundamental knowledge book. Science exists in the nature and governs the rules of everything happening around us.


Technology is the fruit of science that is useful for growth and globalization. Technology utilizes science to do things better and faster


Engineering is the conversion of science into technology and to tackle the problems that come along in the process.


Mathematics helps model the science to predict outcomes when given the inputs. As an example the law of gravity exists in Math and can be applied in any field including electric or magnetic fields.

Why Exceed Robotics?

Empowering and educating students to create anything they can dream of

Instilling a growth mindset, embracing and learning from failures

Expert and Passionate Instructors

Developing innovation skills from an early age

Proven curriculum that acts as the recipe to success

See What Parents Have To Say
We are extremely happy with the program and HIGHLY recommend this program to kids interested in science, robotics and technology. Exceed Robotic...

- Natalie Yanovsky

( Lucas's Mother )
Exceed Robotics has been a fantastic experience for my son for the past two years. The students work with real technology and gain applicable skill...

- Catherine Carriere

( Darwin's Mother )

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