Adult Program

Adult Program

Robotics Classes
for adults

For Who?
If you are an adult interested in learning robotics and electronics, our classes are for you. With no prior knowledge or coding experience, we will get you started using electronics and coding in no time.

Classes will begin with introductions to basic electronics and C language coding. Arduino based microcontrollers will be used as a means to teach programming logic and using input and output devices. 3D design and 3D printing will be taught so that students can create their own products. As the curriculum progresses, Python and Raspberry Pi will also be introduced as a platform for creating GUI and image processing.

A Fun Hobby
Classes are designed to be a fun hobby that anyone can find time for. Classes will run in the evenings once a week for one hour.

Program Breakdown

Curriculum Based
At Exceed Robotics we believe a guided curriculum is superior to self learning. We offer a full curriculum which has been developed by our knowledgeable team. The curriculum will guide you from the basics to advanced applications.

1 Intro to C, Arduino, Robotics and Automation 8 Weeks
2 Advanced Arduino Applications 8 Weeks
3 3D Design, Assemblies, 3D Printing 8 Weeks
4 Robotics Workshop 8 Weeks
5 Python Introduction 8 Weeks
6 Pi with Arduino 8 Weeks
***Curriculum is subject to change as determined by the instructor

What you will Learn During Classes

C Programming
Arduino Microcontroller
Input and Output Devices
Python Programming
Raspberry Pi
Smart Home Applications

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1+ Year Content
8 Week Courses
Classes Once a Week for 1 Hour