Bio Robotics has been given much attention over the last few years. The application became even more appealing after 3D-printers became a tool to create custom shape designs. During our 2017 March camp, we are going to teach students to design and build their own Bionic Finger. Students are then taught basics of coding to program their finger to open and close when their hand is detected close to the finger. The process involves the following steps:


1- Use CAD software to design pieces of the finger

 2- Use 3D Printer to build parts

 3- Assemble the finger

 4- Connect distance sensor, Servo Motor and Arduino

 5- Program the Arduino in C language to move the finger


At the end of the camp, students get to keep their projects and can make changes to the program at home. The Microcontroller used in the camp is also used in Universities (First Year Engineering) to teach students programming. At Exceed, we take it a step further by connecting it to an actual device which hi-lights one of the important applications of the Arduino in Bio-Robotics.


Some general information about the camp:

- There are a maximum of 8 students in each class

- There are a total of 2 classes, one for each age group (9-11 and 12-15)

- Nut Free and Tree Nut Free snacks, as well as juice is provided

- During each day, 4.5 hours will be work time, 1 hour lunch and 1.5 hours total break times

- All necessary laptops, equipment and booklets are provided





* All fees exclude 13% HST

* Pizza lunch option is $25 additional for the week

* Early drop off and late pick up (8:00am – 5:00pm) is additional $50 for the week

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